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*   Flat Stanley Unit – Mailing Letters and Packages 

        (linked to Unit explanation)

           The children will listen to and discuss three (3) different stories about different kinds of mailings.  These stories will cover fiction and non-fiction books. 


             The children loved reading the amusing stories about Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown.  The stories have excited them to the point that they wanted to create their own stories.  After reading the original Flat Stanley story, the class created their own “Flat Stanley” (naming it after themselves-of course.)  When they finished creating, they had to write all about themselves as “Flat Stanley” telling what happened to them that made them flat and how the got back to normal again.  They also had to include an adventure that they had while being flat.  Their “Flat Stanley” creations were scanned into the computer and they had to type the information onto the slide about themselves.


                 An outline was created using the program Inspiration on how the Flat Stanley Unit was developed.  To view a copy of the diagram, saved as a Microsoft Word document, please click here.


                 A PowerPoint presentation was also created by scanning the children’s “Flat Stanley” figures and then having them type in their names and how they became flat.  To view the PowerPoint presentation click here. If you use a dial-up service, the download time may be long.


                  After completing this unit, I have been fortunate enough to be offered to have the Inspiration diagram printed by the creators of the Inspiration software in their product catalog in the Fall, 2004.  It will also be posted at the web site of The Flat Stanley Project, created by Dale Hubert, M.Ed.  This is very exciting for me.  To view a copy of this diagram, saved as a Microsoft Word document, please click here.

*  Meet our mascot, Penny the Penguin. 

               As a fun way of introducing the class mascot, Penny the Penguin, I created a PowerPoint presentation for the class.  To view the PowerPoint presentation click here. Download time using dial-up services may take longer.


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