Flat Stanley Unit – Mailing Letters and Packages   (scroll down to Objective 2 in the Unit explanation)

     The class will review measurement skills learned earlier during the school year (how to use a ruler).  After the review lesson, the children will use their measurement skills to make clothing for the “Flat Stanley” figures.  To see some samples “Flat Stanley” figures scroll down. 


Sample 1

Flat Dora




Sample 2

Flat John




Sample 3

Flat Christina










Sample 4

Flat Alex




Sample 5

Flat Allison




Sample 6

Flat Clifford










     Graphing with M & M candies

              The class had been learning about different graphs.  Three types of graphs we learned about and used in the classroom are:

                1.  Pictographs

                2.  Horizontal Bar Graphs

                3.  Vertical Bar Graphs

              The children chose different manipulatives to use in the graphing lessons.  We later moved onto using food.  One of the items the class used were M & M candies.  Each child received a small package of M & M candies.  They had to place them in separate piles - by color.  They then used paper graphs to show the number of each color.  

              As a culminating activity, I took their paper graphs and used the information to make graphs using Microsoft Excel.  For an example of one of the graphs click here.

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