On The Day I Was Born Interview Sheet



NAME:                                                                           DATE:                           

 1.  Where was I born?                                                                                          

 2.  Who was the first person to visit me?                                                                

 3.  What was the weather like on the day I was born?                                            


 4.  Was I born in the daytime or the nighttime?                                                      

 5.  What time was I born?                                                                                      

 6.  When did you choose my name?                                                                      


 7.  Who am I named after?                                                                                   


 8.  Do you remember what was happening on the day I was born?                         



  9.  Where was I baptized?                                                                                   


 10.  What was the date of my Baptism?                                                                 

11.  Who are my Godparents?                                                                                 

12.  How did you choose my Godparents?                                                            


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