Second Grade Family Origin Unit (linked to unit)

* The class will discuss what family origin means.  The discussion of culture will be included in this part.

* The term “interview” will be explained and the class will practice in paired groups the interview process.  Then the children will interview a family member according to the questions on the interview sheet.

* The children will share with the class the information from their interview sheets.

* With the teacher’s assistance, the children will use the World map and the globe to locate the countries of their family origin.

* The children will research (using books or an online source) the country of their family origin.  They will find and copy a picture of the country’s flag and one city or site of interest in that country.  Family home pictures will be allowed.  The children will draw a picture of the city or site they copies drawing themselves in the picture.

* A PowerPoint presentation will be completed by scanning the children’s drawings, having them type in their responses to the slide, and adding an animated graphic of a penguin (to represent the class mascot, Penny the Penguin) to the slide. Downloading the PowerPoint presentation using a dial-up service may be long.


   On the Day You Were Born Project (linked to project)

  The class will spend time learning that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus.  In connection to this, the class will learn more about the day that they were born.  The class will hear and discuss the story, On The Day I Was Born.  The class will have a project that will help them to learn more about themselves.  This project is an Interactive Family Project.  It will be a wonderful way for the children to learn about the day they were born.  The class will review the Interview Process learned during the Second Grade Family Origin Unit.  They will then have an interview sheet to use to ask their parent(s) questions about the day they were born.  Together, the family will create a “storybook” about that day in the form of a scrapbook.  It will be up to the family to put the book together in any form as they may choose.   


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