Story Book Project - On The Day I Was Born

During Advent, our class spends a lot of time learning that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus.  It is also good that the children learn more about the day that they were born.  Our class has heard the story, On The Day I Was Born.  The children have a project that will help them learn more about themselves.  This project is for the whole family to be involved in.  What a wonderful way to help your child know more about the day he/she was born.

Interactive Project

Information and ideas may be obtained with the help of family, relatives and friends.

The storybook may be constructed in any form: example: text or scrapbook form.

Use photos to help tell the story of your child’s birth.

Book may be placed in a three ring binder or bound with any materials such as brads, staples or yarn.

Your child needs to complete all the writing of the answers to the questions.

Be creative and have fun!

Your child will enjoy learning about the early months of his/her life.

Interview Questions:  Your child needs to do the interview so that he/she will know the answers.  Each child will share his/her project with the class. Click here for the interview worksheet. 


Where was I born?

Who was the first person to visit me?

What was the weather like on the day I was born?

Was I born in the daytime or the nighttime?

What time was I born?

When did you choose my name?

Who am I named after?

Do you remember what was happening on the day I was born?

Where was I baptized?

What was the date of my Baptism?

Who are my Godparents?

How did you choose my Godparents?

If you have any pictures or other stories to share with your child about his/her special day please share them.


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