Student Tech Team Workshop

Troubleshooting and System Maintenance


This is a program to put together a Student Tech Team. There are so many times when something simple goes wrong with the computers that the teachers often wait until they need to use the computer and they want it fixed by yesterday or they never say anything about it because they think it is too difficult to fix.


We have many students who would be able to work well as student techs. They are not afraid to work at a computer. This is so important. But as important as it is, they also must be trained properly to be student techs. Even though students say they know their way around computers, some just think they do and can make a simple problem more complicated.


I have developed a PowerPoint presentation that would include information that would be used at a faculty meeting to explain Student Tech Teams and then, use the same presentation with the team itself. Handouts have also been completed that would be reviewed at a faculty meeting as well as with the students who are chosen to be on the Tech Team. The students will keep them close at hand and use them as references. I have also put together Repair Request Forms and Repair Request Follow-Up forms for the teachers to use and a Computer Repair Worksheet for the students on the Tech Team to use. Downloading the PowerPoint presentation using a dial-up service may take longer.


The following is a list of the handouts that were developed to use with the Student Tech Team. They would not be given to the teachers at first. Id give them out at another time so that they would become familiar with what the students are expected to do. The handouts include:


1.   System Maintenance Handouts

2.   Basic Trouble Shooting Handouts

3.   How To Start the Computer in Safe Mode


The handouts would be passed out separately for each section, rather than as a whole. I have put them all together here just to make it easier to access them for the portfolio.


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